Plants for your lovely garden.

Veggies, herbs, & flower bouquets from ours.

If you've been following our journey, then you know that my other passion is gardening. This has been my hobby for 15 years. This last year we've struggled to find good quality produce at our local stores. We were so happy to find SLO Veg. They provide fresh harvests from local growers. We'll still continue to get some of our food from them, but what a joy to grow our own food. We would love to share what we are growing with you. We've been busy in the garden these last few months getting plants germinated, potted, and ready for transplanting. There's been unexpected weather changes, failures, and successes as well as pleasant surprises. Can't wait to share with you. We'll have different options as the seasons change. Check this space again to see what we have available or follow us on Instagram @naturallybueno for updates. If you prefer updates by email or text, let us know. Check out our blog to learn more about our gardening adventures. Happy Gardening! 😊 

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