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Hem Jeans

Need to shorten your jeans' hem but not sure how to pin them? Check out the video below.

Alternatively, you can bring in a sample pair of jeans that is similar and fits great. We can measure the inseam and use that measurement.

measuring the inseam of jeans

This will help us figure out how much needs to be shortened.

marking how much needs to be shortened on a pair of jeans

Then we mark it with chalk. Mark the fold over amount.

marking the cutting line on a pair of jeans

Mark the other side.

marking jeans with chalk

Cut at the bottom line.

cutting the hem on jeans

Fold on the mark, press, and fold again. Use clips to hold in place.

A wooden clapper and steam iron help to make a nice crisp fold.

wool pressing mat and wooden clapper

We have an array of thread colors. We can't always find a perfect match, but we'll use the best matching color.

matching thread on a pair of jeans

Sew all around.

new jeans hem

The sides can be a little tricky when you have thick jeans. But you can use a jumper (also known as a jean-a-majig) to help sew over those thicker areas.

sewing tool jean a ma jig

Thanks for reading our blog and taking a look behind the scenes!

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