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Mend Jean Pocket Corners

hole in jeans pocket corner

I often get requests for mending jean pocket corners. Pocket corners tend to have a lot of stress and are an area that can easily rip over time.

To repair them, I first open the corner of the pocket so I can sew in that area.

opened jeans pocket corner

I prepare a patch from denim material.

jeans patch

I set up the sewing machine with the darning foot, a straight stitch, and thread that matches the jeans' color as best as possible. With an up and down motion I darn around and through the hole.

machine darning jeans

It is also usually needed on the other pocket, so I repeat the process if necessary. The last step is to topstitch the pocket back in place with a matching topstitch thread.

mended jeans

The mending is visible but very minimal. I hope this can help extend the life of your favorite jeans!



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