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Mito Cami/Dress Pattern Review & First Thoughts

I was looking for something simple that could be used as a slip for wearing under dresses. I'm so glad I found this pattern. I loved it! Just what I was looking for. Good illustrations and explanations. Pattern available at

I made a few changes. First, I made a muslin to try on for size. Based on my measurements, the recommended size for me was a small. That was pretty spot on. I only had to make one adjustment, which I need to do on most patterns for myself. That is to add a dart in the bodice. Without it, the dress just didn't seem to sit right on me. Added the dart, and it fit nicely, just like the picture on the pattern. (For the next one, I'll try doing a dart manipulation so I only have one dart instead of two. More on that in a future post.)

Another change I made is that I did not make the straps adjustable. During construction of the muslin I followed the directions of sewing the strap pieces to the bust pieces but I did not sew the other ends to the upper back panel. That was so I can figure out what length works for me. Once I tried it on, I pinned the length that I liked. That is the measurement I will use when I make more of these.

Also, I did not use fusing on the top edges of outer fabric for my muslin. As it was a somewhat thicker fabric, I don't think it really needs it. If I were to use a lighter, more flowy fabric, I think I would use it. I topstitched the edges of the bodice, not part of the instructions. Note to self, this is alright for the top part, but I wouldn't do it again for the area that joins the bodice to the skirt part of it. It seemed to affect the way the dress hangs. I finished the hem with a rolled hem, using the rolled hem foot for my sewing machine. The length was just right.

Here is where I made a mistake. I'll now know how to avoid that for next time.

Overall, I loved the pattern. Simple, easy to understand instructions. I was able to print, assemble pattern, cut and sew in one evening.

I will make more in lighter fabrics as slips for dresses. I'm picturing adding some pretty lace in the v cut area for modesty and some at the hem for a vintage feel.

I hope this will help you in your sewing journey.

Happy Sewing!



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