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Replace Jeans Button

jeans with a new button

What can you do when you lose a jeans button? There are kits available for replacing jeans buttons, but these can be quite a trial and error that often end with not so pretty results. Let a professional do the work for you!

We remove any part of the jeans button left if any.

pants missing jeans button

Then, reinforce the area where the new button will go. You don't want the new jeans button popping off again! I do this by adding a bit of fabric to the back and using a zig-zag stitch to hold it in place. Can't always find an exact matching thread but we use the best we can find so it is the least noticeable.

The last part is adding the jeans button with our hand press. Comes out nice and neat. New jeans button secured in place.

Select the button you like for your jeans or pants. We've got options! Book your alterations appointment below.

box jean tack buttons from

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