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Replace Pants Zipper with Velcro

Recently I have been introduced to the need for adaptive clothing. In this blog, I'll show you how I converted pants into adaptive pants.

First, I removed the zipper as you would when replacing a zipper.

Next, I removed the button (pinned it so I wouldn't lose it) and sewed the back part of the fly back on.

I sewed some velcro where the zipper and buttons would have been. I added some extra velcro on the side that won't show in case they want to tighten the pants a little. I forgot to take pictures of these steps. But it does involve removing the front stitching, sewing on the velcro, and stitching the front again.

Here's an example of another pair of pants. It had a closure that needed to be removed first.

Finally, I sewed the button back on in the front so it looks like regular pants.

If a loved one is in need of some adaptive clothing, I hope this blog post is of help to you. You can follow the steps and do it yourself, or show it to your favorite seamstress so they'll know what you are looking for.

If you live in the Atascadero, CA area and would like this service, click below to book a free consultation appointment.



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