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Replacing My Sewing Machine Lightbulb

Recently my sewing machine gave me a scare. I turned it on and nothing happened. I thought maybe the surge protector was turned off, so I turned that on. Tried again and nothing. Oh no, is my sewing machine broken? For the first time in my life my sewing machine lightbulb went out. I've never replaced one before so I was not sure how to go about it. I unscrewed the bulb and headed to my local Home Depot.

I discovered that light bulbs have information written on them. Mine said 120v 15w. Also it was a screw on type of bulb, as opposed to a bayonet which pushes in. At Home Depot I went straight to the light bulb isle. I searched for the little lightbulbs. Then I compared mine to find the right size. Turns out mine is an E12 Candelabra. I put it up against the little drawing on the top right corner to compare. I wanted an LED light so that is what I went for. I ended up getting one that was a 15w replacement but only uses 1.2w. It was 120v. It seems to be marketed as a picture frame lightbulb but it fit and works great on my sewing machine. I was happy with the result. No more of that yellowish looking light. Much more clear and brighter. Makes it easier to see thread/fabric colors. The price was great, it came out to $6.06. When I looked online for LED sewing machine lightbulbs, they were more pricy plus shipping costs. I was also happy that Home Depot has a great return policy. Had the lightbulb not worked for my sewing machine I could have returned it. You can't always do that online or sometimes it's just not worth it. I hope this short post will help you in your sewing journey should you need to replace your light bulb.



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