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Hem Shirt

Shirt hem too long? It can be shortened. Here is an example of how my client pinned her shirt to the desired length and left me a note to be sure.

jersey shirt

pinned shirt for alterations

Unpin and keep the pins in a safe spot.

pins pinned to a scrap piece of fabric

Measure and pin the same amount all around.

the hem of a shirt pinned to where it needs to be shortened

Measure the amount of the hem to duplicate this on the coverstitch machine.

the hem of a shirt being measured by a sewing gauge

Washi tape is great to mark the guide.

measuring the distance for the hem on a coverstitch machine

Then place the garment under the pressor foot using the guide.

garment under the pressor foot on a coverstitch machine

Sew all around and go over the same spot to reinforce and lock in the stitches.

reinforcing the stitches on a shirt hem

Use a needle to pull the threads to the other side and tie a knot.

Then carefully cut a slit with embroidery scissors and trim off the excess.

The coverstitch machine makes a really nice and professional hem for stretchy fabrics like this beautiful white top. I'm in love with the sleeves! 😍

a shirt with a shortened hem

inside view of a coverstitch hem

If you need your shirt shortened like this, click the link below to book your appointment. See you soon!

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