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Take in Pants at the Waist Center Back

Let's take a closer look at how to alter pants at the waist. The outer waistband of these pants had a middle seam, but the inner part did not. Later on, I'll share how what I did about that.

First I removed the belt loop and kept it in a safe spot.

Then I seam ripped the waistband. I folded the pants in half and marked how much needed to be taken in. Then marked a line that blended into the seam line. I needed to separate the top part from the bottom part, but it was important to mark the new sewing lines first so they would match later. So I just pinned it in place.

Then I stitched the new seam. Removed the old seam. Now it was time to put it all back together. As I mentioned before, the waistband didn't have a seam and I didn't want to cut it and leave raw fabric edges exposed. What I did instead was fold it and sew it together by hand. There was no way the bottom bit would match exactly. When you bring it together, it's just smaller and won't match. But you can get it closer when you sew it by hand. I wanted it to be flat so there was no bulge for my client.

I hope this helps you in your sewing journey. Happy sewing!

If you need this alteration, click the link below to book an appointment and see you soon.



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