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Blind Hem Pants

What is a blind hem?

It's the kind of hem you'll find on a pair of slacks. On the outside you barely see the hem. On the inside you'll see stitching like the picture above. This technique uses two kinds of sewing machines. A serger and a blind hemmer. Don't have these two machines? No worries, you can use a home sewing machine instead or sew by hand with thread and needle. If you would like to see a blog post about this, let me know in the comments!

Behind the Seams

The pants were pinned by my client where they wanted the new hem. I measured the amount that needed to be shortened and made sure both sides were equal. Then I marked where the new hem would be and the cut line 3" away.

I cut away the excess fabric. Since these pants taper in a little, I made an adjustment so that they would not pucker later when I sew the new hem. I sewed a new side seem so when the pants are folded, it matches the shape of the taper. I then serged the raw edges.

After folding and pinning I was ready for the blind hemmer.

I set the machine to 7 and 1:1 no skip.

Away we go!

Here is the end result. A blind hem. Ready for that special occasion.

If you love to sew, I hope this behind the seams is helpful to you. If you prefer someone else do this for you, book an appointment below. We also offer shipping for your convenience.



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